By Basil on the Wednesday evening prior to departure, 'How am I? England are through to the next round of the World Cup and I'm going to Le Mans tomorrow'


Larry Peters was discussing the high points with a few guys in his office who also attended Le Mans and there highlight was, 'those guys from the TWATS and others in blue shirts having a water fight at Indianapolis, only this stupid ***king police officer took one of the guns and threw it over the fence and then poured all the water away, he was the biggest TWAT'


By Basil on Sunday morning at breakfast whilst sat at a table with Larry & Gerry, 'Larry, Larry, look at that bird with the fantastic breasts, have you ever seen her before?' and Larry's response, 'yes Basil many times, she's my sister!'


By a great number of **ssed English blokes on Mad Friday to a few French Dibble, 'Senegal..Senegal..Senegal..Senegal..Senegal..Senegal..Senegal..Senegal..Senegal'


By Spot on Friday night after producing a bottle of Champagne and asked what the occassion was, 'Oh its nothing really, my mum has just been awarded an MBE!'


By Gerry repeatedly, 'During the war.....'


Gerry while sitting in the bear garden just before the track was invaded at the end of the race...."I reckonise those Bold...they look just like mine!",..Gerry commenting on Bolds nut sack after Bold decided to give them an airing whilst sipping a cold "beater".........!