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A record year for Larrylemans with 28 people forming the 2004 team

Thursday 10th June 2004

Due to Euro 2004 taking place our normal ferry route was already booked forcing us to use the Portsmouth to Cherbourg route. This also meant a dam early start, leaving Larryland at 5.00 in the morning. Big Si and Lou arrived at Larryland in plenty of time to the off - which was just as well as Big Si had forgotten the Sat Nav and had to go back home, the first Lightweight hating offence of the weekend!

With all equipment finally stowed in Larry's BMW including Larry, Si, Lou and Per we set off for the port to meet up with Bold-e-boy and co to start the race down. Larry was quietly confident of winning the race this year as Bold had hinted that the fastest car he could muster for the trip would be a diesel estate. We pulled into the port and noticed that Bold was indeed in an estate car. Larry was ecstatic believing victory was at last on the cards. Only as we got closer did we notice that the estate diesel was in fact an Audi RS6 with 450bhp. Poor Larry's Beamer had 225bhp!